Your Family is Your Life. 

Whether you have a newborn at home, 6 kids, or 12 grandchildren, you can design a necklace with your family's names, initials, dates or favorite inspirations.

You'll want to wear it everyday and get compliments all the time!

Each custom piece is hand stamped, letter by letter. Slight variations add to the uniqueness of the piece. Truly one of a kind! 

Shop Necklaces, Rings, or Bracelets to start designing your custom piece of jewelry.

About Cathy


I'm Cathy. Catherine Jayne. That's where "Jayne" comes from!  I've been making jewelry for 7 years, full time for 4 years!

Way back in 2007ish, my mother loaned me $200 so that I could start buying sterling silver charms to sell online. (I think back now... really? I didn't have $200?) The charms sold within two weeks, and I was able to pay her back and buy more charms. That's when the dream started.

While working a full time job, I sold charms, beads, and jewelry online. As my online business grew, I started to look at our budget and figure out how I could stay home and work. Well, at the end of 2009, my employer made that decision for me. Getting fired from that job may have been the best thing that happened to me! The following year, my online revenue almost doubled!

The next year, I encouraged my husband to think about a product that he could sell online. I already had the photography and selling experience, so he started making leather products, which is why you see a leather section at Then his employer cut his position, and we were both faced with working full time at home.

That was great and all, but we had more house than we could afford. The original plan was to finish the basement, sell it, and buy or build our dream house. With a few mistakes along the way and the real estate market crash, we were upside down on the house.  If we had not let the house go back to the bank, we'd still be there with no hope of getting out. The businesses have grown to the point that we are planning to build a home in 2016.

Hubby and I live in my hometown of Greenville, Michigan, with our dog and cat. We enjoy camping, golfing, and fishing.


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