An Old Member of the Household

Yesterday you met my Keurig, the newest member of our household. Now meet one of my favorite gadgets. It's like "Hard Boiled Eggs for Dummies."

I love hard boiled eggs. On a salad. With bacon and mayo. In potato salad. With tuna and mayo. Salt and Pepper.

But I'm NOT Betty Crocker. As a matter of fact, when I want to boil eggs, I have to go get my Betty Crocker cookbook to figure out how to boil the darn things.

This EggCOOKER is so easy to use. I put in as many as 7 eggs in the tray. Pour in the appropriate amount of water. (It comes with a no-brainer cup that tells you how much water to put in depending on how many eggs you are hard OR soft boiling.) And turn it on. The only bad thing about this EggCOOKER is the loud buzzer. I jump out of my skin every time it goes off! But I can be anywhere in the house and hear it.

I've found the best way to peel them is to put them in a small strainer right away, run cold water over them and shake them up. This cracks the shells all over. Then I peel them while still running cold water over the eggs.

This kitchen gadget also comes with a tray to poach 4 eggs!

How do you eat your hard boiled eggs??

Love, CathyJayne