It's Camping Season!

We kicked off the camping season with our annual trip to Interlochen State Park. The guys fished almost everyday, at least once a day. We feasted on bluegill three nights!


There's a mile-long hiking trail at the South Campground. While the guys were out fishing, I headed out to the trail to check it out. It was great to get out and jog/walk a bit. On one of my walk intervals, I heard the leaves crunching. It was a bit louder than the noise the birds make. I don't know if I was more stunned or the two deer were to see me so close!


Our dog, Chuck, came along! He loves going on trips, but at his age, the heat tires him out fast. He could barely keep his eyes open when I took this photo! The dirt offered the most relief, so he was also very dirty!