With Brave Wings She Flies

With Brave Wings She Flies. The square pewter pendant is accented by a white pearl and a turquoise color magnesite bead. A long necklace flatters any neckline and will peek out of your infinity scarf! Shown on the 30" chain.

See it HERE!

Another Easy Infinity Scarf DIY

As you may have noticed, I'm addicted to scarves! In my last scarf post, I used a pretty pin to attach the ends together and instantly made an infinity scarf. With this large zebra print scarf, I decided to stitch the ends together. 

This scarf had fringe on the ends, and I contemplated tying the fringe together, but was determined to use my sewing machine!

I tied fringe on scarf #2. Scroll all the way down to see how that one turned out!



Scarf #1

Step 1. Pin the right sides together at the ends. 

Step 2. Stitch straight along the edge. I cut the fringe off after the first stitch, but you could cut it sooner.

Step 3. Stitch again. I did this because the material is very loose and thin. 




The finished infinity scarf!

Total time: 10 minutes.

Scarf #2


As mentioned above, on this scarf I decided to tie the end fringe together. I did this because the scarf has sequins in it, as does the fringe. It would be illegal to remove any extra bling!

One by one, I triple knotted each piece of fringe. I tied it so the fringe was out. It's hard to say which is the "right" or "wrong" side.



The finished "Fringed" infinity scarf. 

Total time: 20 minutes