Do You Pinterest?

Do you LOVE Pinterest?

Pinterest has become my go-to for recipes, hair styles, home decor and lots of other great topics. 

Here's ME on Pinterest and a few of my boards:

When hubby went salmon fishing and brought home a zillion fillets, I went to Pinterest for salmon recipes.

When I quit coloring my hair, I went to Pinterest to see who else was going gray and not coloring. Did you know that people are actually coloring their hair gray?

When we move into our next house, I have a wish list of what I want.

When my sister was getting married, I had a Bridesmaid/Wedding board.

I share a lot of Pins and I've created a lot of Pins. Maybe you've seen them! This is one my most popular with over 4780 pins! 


Tell me, do YOU Pinterest? What's your favorite topic?

Share your link and I'll follow you. There's so much to discover!

xoxo, Cathy