Journeys - The Longest Journey

Today I'm feeling introspective, thinking about the journeys I've been on, the journeys I'm in right now, and the journeys I'm just starting. Maybe it's the season. This sounds a bit like A Christmas Carol!

I want to talk about the journey I've been on the longest. 15 years ago I married a man who has become my best friend, confidant, sounding board, snuggle bug, and so much more.

Wedding Day
First Date
My Birthday.jpg

Growing up catholic, I married this man with a plan to be with him for the rest of our lives. With any marriage, there have been ups and downs. Job losses, new businesses, new houses, infertility (more on that later), new jobs, starting over. The constant is that we have each other, and it feels like we are just getting started.

xoxo, Cathy