Make Your Purchase Matter!

There's a new section at called "For a Cause."  $5 of each purchase goes to a different organization. 

You can purchase a purple CZ bangle for $16 ($12 plus $4 shipping) and $5 will go to More specifically, my Walk to End Alzheimer's page. My grandfather had Alzheimer's, so it is a cause that is close to my heart. 

For every pink CZ bangle, $5 will be donated to The B-Foundation. The B-Foundation is a local organization that supports families in Belding, MI, who have been affected by cancer. They may help with transportation costs, house bills, babysitters, etc. Every fall, they have a 5k Glow Run/Walk that I've participated in the last 2 years! Some of us show off pink tutu's, glo-sticks, and any other fun embellishments we can think of!

Families come from all over to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital when a child is ill. The worst must be when they hear the word Cancer. I see it more and more on social media. Children with Cancer. It's not right. I hate it. Children should not get Cancer. 

I've chosen to donate $5 to the Oncology Resource Team. They request special items that help the families who come to the hospital when their child has Cancer. See the list of items you can purchase HERE.

So, which bangle will you choose?