You Asked For It!

I get so many wonderful comments on my blog post : 5 Reasons I Stopped Coloring My Hair and a few requests for an update. The last update was here: 4 Reasons I'm So Glad I Stopped Coloring My Hair which was in January! I don't post a lot of selfies, but if I do, it's on Instagram. That might be the best place to keep up with my hair!

Sooooo... here it is! 

Growing out Gray Hair

I chose today to share an update because this is the first day in over a week that I've put on clothes other than sweat pants! I've been sick with a virus all week and finally started feeling better yesterday. The week before that, we were camping, so it has actually been almost 2 weeks since I've done ANYTHING with my hair!

Growing out Gray Hair

All the old dye is now GONE! I think it has been gone for quite a while, but my hair appears darker now because the highlights are gone. The front is very white and the underneath and back is brown with some white but not enough to notice. 

Please ignore the double chin! It's hard to get a good selfie of the back of your hair!

In other news, we bought a motorhome a couple months ago and are in the process of fixing it up but also using it! More on that later!

xo, Cathy