2 Miles on a New Route

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One thing that I don't like to do when running is go to point A, then turn around to come back. I'd much rather run a loop. Today I made a new route and it ended up exactly 2 miles!

The weather was crappy. Cold and raining. Typical for November in Michigan. If I'm going to survive winter running, there will be rain, snow, and ice. So I put on my hat, jacket, and hit the road!


2 Miles and Busted by the Po-Po

Yesterday's run was another low-mileage day. Still nursing a sore hip, but it continues to feel better. I went around a local lake, where the road is nice and flat. There's also some protection from the wind.

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I'm pretty happy about the under 10 pace.  

Busted by the Po-Po

Hubby decided to go to the lake with me. He's done this before and fished from the boat launch. With the wind direction yesterday, fishing from the boat launch would have been difficult. Basically, his cast would come back in his face! So we went to the public beach parking area. This time of year, the only people there are walkers, runners, and bikers. No one is swimming! 

After a few casts, he decided to go look at the rules on the nearby building to make sure that he was allowed to fish there. Nope. There's a big red NO FISHING SIGN. So he attached his hook to his pole to put it away when the local po-po showed up. Apparently the house that overlooks the beach called the police. Luckily, he did not write a ticket or take away his fishing pole. The copper was a nice guy.

I was a little irritated that the person called the fuzz right away. (Get a freakin' life!) We were only going to be there for 20 minutes. But the rule is the rule.  And now we know.

What I Wore

It was a little cool, but it was WINDY. I wore a windbreaker over my Nike cold-weather running shirt. I'm loving the side-pony with my knit hat!



Chuck is camera shy, but managed to get is butt! 

2 Miles and What I Wore

I'm still on low mileage until my hip is 100% pain-free. I wouldn't even say that it's painful, but something in there is uncomfortable. So I'm on two days off then 2 miles on the third day. 

On the off days I try to get in a little exercise.  On November 1, I started a 30-day plank challenge AND a 30-day squat challenge. Planks are hard and squats are boring. But it gives me a chance to build more lower-body muscles, strengthen my core, and work on some great stretches. Hopefully preventing future injuries!

My sister posted a YouTube video of a 30-minute yoga work out that I want to do on my off-days. Check it out for yourself HERE

As the temps get cooler here in Michigan, getting ready to run takes a bit longer and a bit more thought. More layers, but I don't want to get hot either. Here's what I wore today:

Knit hat, red Nike cold weather shirt, lime green Danskin long sleeve running shirt, leggings under my fleece-lined Champion running pants.

Knit hat, red Nike cold weather shirt, lime green Danskin long sleeve running shirt, leggings under my fleece-lined Champion running pants.

Side-pony and my running belt. 

Side-pony and my running belt. 

I also have a pair of light knit gloves that I wear when it's cold. If I need to take off the gloves, I can tuck them into my belt. 

The belt holds my iPhone, house key, or any other small item I need to carry with me. I don't see many people wearing these, but I didn't want the extra weight or tan line of an arm band.  

What do you wear to carry your iPhone or other device??? I want to know!

5 Miles with Asics Gel Nimbus 15

Friday, I laced up my new shoes and hit the trail! I'd taken 3 days off because of some hip pain. The pain wasn't bad until around mile 4. I was still able to run on it, but probably should have walked the last mile. 

The weather was crappy. Cold (low 40s), windy, and light rain. I wore leggings under my lined running pants, UnderArmor lined long sleeve shirt, thin white long sleeve running shirt, and my bright orange medium-weight jacket. I did get warm around mile 2, but was glad I had the jacket because it was wet from the light rain/mist. It kept me dry!

One thing that I do NOT wear when I run... Make-Up.  

I'm a morning runner, but I do like to brush my teeth and put on some chap-stick before I head out the door.


The new shoes felt good! I did a little research on this leg pain and I think it's bursitis, the IT band (usually affects the knee), or a strained muscle. Whichever it is, I need to get a foam roller and strengthen my glutes, which means squats! I had already decided to do the 30-day Plank Challenge, so why not add the 30-day Squat challenge

In addition to the planks and squats, I did yoga with my sister yesterday. It included some great stretches for my hips and today my leg feels pretty good. The rest of my body is a little sore, which I'm sure will be real pain tomorrow!


Running Necklace.jpg

My new line of running jewelry will be live soon! I just have to re-take some of the photos, then add them to my website.