I Love Running in the Fall


Running seemed to get easier when the weather became cooler. This is probably normal. Heat and humidity can make running almost unbearable.

Today I checked the weather before my run and it was 40 degrees. The coldest of the season. I know that around 50 degrees, I wear leggings and two long sleeve shirts. Forty degrees warranted UnderArmor. Two pair of leggings, one was UA, and two long sleeve shirts, one was UA. Warm socks and lightweight gloves. As soon as I stepped outside I felt like I was overdressed. That was the UA doing the job! 

During the 5.5 run, I never felt cold or hot. Just right. I took off the gloves after the first mile, but I was glad I had them when starting out.

Luckily, today was sunny. There will be rainy, snowy days soon. I need to make sure I have all my winter gear ready to go!

See you on the trail!