Almost 3 Years and No Regrets

Cathy Jayne Meinke 2 2.jpg

My last hair update was in October 2015. About a year and a half ago! So today I figured it was time for an update. August 2014 was the last time I had my hair highlighted to help with the transition from dyed to natural hair.

I have to admit, when I looked at these photos, I was a little shocked. The top of my head is more white than I remembered. (I don't often look at the top of my head.) 

I'm still happy with it and if the thought of coloring my hair pops into my brain, I think of all the time and money required to maintain it. Not to mention the time that it has taken me to grow out the damaging color. 

If you are growing out your hair, I'd love to hear from you!