2 Miles and Busted by the Po-Po

Yesterday's run was another low-mileage day. Still nursing a sore hip, but it continues to feel better. I went around a local lake, where the road is nice and flat. There's also some protection from the wind.

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 8.23.44 PM.png

I'm pretty happy about the under 10 pace.  

Busted by the Po-Po

Hubby decided to go to the lake with me. He's done this before and fished from the boat launch. With the wind direction yesterday, fishing from the boat launch would have been difficult. Basically, his cast would come back in his face! So we went to the public beach parking area. This time of year, the only people there are walkers, runners, and bikers. No one is swimming! 

After a few casts, he decided to go look at the rules on the nearby building to make sure that he was allowed to fish there. Nope. There's a big red NO FISHING SIGN. So he attached his hook to his pole to put it away when the local po-po showed up. Apparently the house that overlooks the beach called the police. Luckily, he did not write a ticket or take away his fishing pole. The copper was a nice guy.

I was a little irritated that the person called the fuzz right away. (Get a freakin' life!) We were only going to be there for 20 minutes. But the rule is the rule.  And now we know.

What I Wore

It was a little cool, but it was WINDY. I wore a windbreaker over my Nike cold-weather running shirt. I'm loving the side-pony with my knit hat!



Chuck is camera shy, but managed to get is butt!