I did it!

I ran my first 5K... well, I should clarify.

I completed my first 5K, running the entire way, no walking!

And it felt great! I ran it with my aunt Dolores, whose first race ever (post high-school track) was a Marathon in Hawaii! What? Yes... It was a walker-friendly Marathon, so she was able to walk and run it. It was also a fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation. She spent almost 7-1/2 hours walking/running! Can you imagine?

Last month we entered a 5K called Moonlit Miles. It was a trail run through Klackle's Orchards. It was hard. HARD. We finished in about 52 minutes. Walking and running. At that time, I had only a couple weeks of Couch to 5K under my belt and wasn't ready to run the entire race.

As I kept going through my training, I started getting antsy for try a run. Couch to 5K is an 8-week program and I would be completing my 6th week at the time of this race, the Old Farts "Who Cut the Cheese? 5k" in Lowell, MI. It started out on paved road, then a short, narrow and tricky trail then back to the paved road, and some long grass through the cemetery.

Here comes Dolores toward the finish! It was a beautiful cool morning for a 5K!








Both of us after the race. We were exhilarated and ready to enter our next run. Dolores gives it a thumbs up!








My big prize for 46th place! A whoopie cushion.








I finished in 33:08. I now have a time that I can work on improving!


Next up... The Belding Labor Day Run.