Running, deer, and a snake

RUNNING: I'm really excited because I only have one more run left of Couch to 5k. Today was a 30 minute run and it wasn't as easy as the last 28 minute run. I changed things up a bit this morning by eating 1/2 banana, a bite of organic brownie bar (it was in the protein bar section so must be "good for you") and a cup of coffee. I thought the caffeine from the coffee would give me energy, but I tired out sooner than normal. But I finished it!  

DEER: On my run, I spotted a deer. It was so big that at first I thought it was a small horse! Quickly scanning the area, I spotted a fawn, then another one came out of the woods... then another! A doe and 3 fawns!

"Do I have time to get out my camera?" "I don't want to stop, keep going." "Oh I wish I had my camera out."

They all cross the trail path and stop. The fawns ahead of her. She's about 12 feet away. Her eyes on me.

"I hope she doesn't attack me. Keep going." "Greenville woman attacked by deer on trail." Not today.


SNAKE: Yesterday, hubby and I were just about to go grocery shopping, when he stops at the kitchen window and says "COME HERE. HURRY." And on the sidewalk is a big ugly brown/gray snake.  He slithered his way toward the steps then down into the landscaped area right in front of the house. Hubby got close enough to get this picture.

  He looks well-fed. Then I got to thinking that I haven't seen any toads in the toad houses all summer. It think the snake has been around for a while! On the upside, I probably don't have any mice, either!