What is "hammered" and why you might want it.

  Hammered ring


What does "hammered" mean?

Hammered refers to the texture on the item. The three rings shown here all have a hammered finish. You can see a slight texture on the ring.

It's created using the larger end of a "chasing hammer."

Chasing Hammer

* One advantage to a hammered ring is that I can make it in 1/2 sizes. Each stamped letter and hit of the hammer makes the ring slightly larger.

* The texture on the ring will also hide scratches that may happen if you work with your hands or don't take our rings off.

The two rings shown below have a smooth, non-hammered finish.

Smooth ring

Whether to choose a hammered or smooth ring is completely a personal preference. I wear both and will sometimes mix them because I like the contrast.

Whether you prefer hammered or smooth, these stacking rings are a great way to wear your children's names, favorite inspirations, or special date.

Find them in the rings section at JustJaynes.com.

xoxo, Cathy