FatCatLeather and JustJaynes. My love with stamping and leather.

I love working with leather. We started FatCatLeather last summer and it has been great for us!  I do the stamping and hubby does the dying and stitching. I also take the photos, create the listing and ship the orders. It's definitely a joint effort!

 You may also have noticed that I have some of the wallets and other accessories here on JustJaynes.com. Watch for more stamped leather to be added. I love jewelry and leather products stamped with inspirational phrases. My favorite source for quotes is Pinterest

If you have a favorite phrase that I can stamp, let me know in the comments or send me a message Cathy(at)JustJaynes.com. I'm always looking for thoughtful quotes.



What is "hammered" and why you might want it.

  Hammered ring


What does "hammered" mean?

Hammered refers to the texture on the item. The three rings shown here all have a hammered finish. You can see a slight texture on the ring.

It's created using the larger end of a "chasing hammer."

Chasing Hammer

* One advantage to a hammered ring is that I can make it in 1/2 sizes. Each stamped letter and hit of the hammer makes the ring slightly larger.

* The texture on the ring will also hide scratches that may happen if you work with your hands or don't take our rings off.

The two rings shown below have a smooth, non-hammered finish.

Smooth ring

Whether to choose a hammered or smooth ring is completely a personal preference. I wear both and will sometimes mix them because I like the contrast.

Whether you prefer hammered or smooth, these stacking rings are a great way to wear your children's names, favorite inspirations, or special date.

Find them in the rings section at JustJaynes.com.

xoxo, Cathy