FatCatLeather and JustJaynes. My love with stamping and leather.

I love working with leather. We started FatCatLeather last summer and it has been great for us!  I do the stamping and hubby does the dying and stitching. I also take the photos, create the listing and ship the orders. It's definitely a joint effort!

 You may also have noticed that I have some of the wallets and other accessories here on JustJaynes.com. Watch for more stamped leather to be added. I love jewelry and leather products stamped with inspirational phrases. My favorite source for quotes is Pinterest

If you have a favorite phrase that I can stamp, let me know in the comments or send me a message Cathy(at)JustJaynes.com. I'm always looking for thoughtful quotes.



Braided leather bracelets

Braided leather bracelet Natural braided bracelet Yellow braided bracelet Dark brown leather braided bracelet  Dark brown braided braceletThis is what happens when I find a tutorial on making leather mystery braided bracelets! As you may know, my hubby and I started FatCatLeather last year. I make the bracelets and he makes the wallets and most of the other items.

I tried it with a natural wristband first, just in case I couldn't figure it out! After a few tries, I got it! (The great thing about the natural leather is that it will continue to darken with wear!)

So I got busy cutting and dying a couple new wristbands. I love how they turned out! With many colors to choose from, this will be the perfect accessory for summer!