5 Miles with Asics Gel Nimbus 15

Friday, I laced up my new shoes and hit the trail! I'd taken 3 days off because of some hip pain. The pain wasn't bad until around mile 4. I was still able to run on it, but probably should have walked the last mile. 

The weather was crappy. Cold (low 40s), windy, and light rain. I wore leggings under my lined running pants, UnderArmor lined long sleeve shirt, thin white long sleeve running shirt, and my bright orange medium-weight jacket. I did get warm around mile 2, but was glad I had the jacket because it was wet from the light rain/mist. It kept me dry!

One thing that I do NOT wear when I run... Make-Up.  

I'm a morning runner, but I do like to brush my teeth and put on some chap-stick before I head out the door.


The new shoes felt good! I did a little research on this leg pain and I think it's bursitis, the IT band (usually affects the knee), or a strained muscle. Whichever it is, I need to get a foam roller and strengthen my glutes, which means squats! I had already decided to do the 30-day Plank Challenge, so why not add the 30-day Squat challenge

In addition to the planks and squats, I did yoga with my sister yesterday. It included some great stretches for my hips and today my leg feels pretty good. The rest of my body is a little sore, which I'm sure will be real pain tomorrow!


Running Necklace.jpg

My new line of running jewelry will be live soon! I just have to re-take some of the photos, then add them to my website.